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Medical Gas Headwalls
Headwalls offer the modern healthcare provider an extremely flexible, cost-effective system for providing essential patient services at the bedside.
Medical gases, high and low voltage electrical services, and complete equipment management are easily integrated into a single, pre-fabricated surface-mounted unit.
Through the use of a comprehensive line of accessories, the facility is able to quickly mount virtually any piece of equipment required.  Monitors, supplies, containers, or any other equipment is placed within easy reach of the clinician while freeing valuable floor space.
Since headwalls are surface mounted, they can be easily removed and relocated to another area of the facility when renovation is necessary.
Prefabricated patient service headwalls are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations to address the needs of all patient care areas in today's modern healthcare facility.
MGSS, Inc. is proud to represent the world's leading manufacturers of prefabricated headwall systems.
For detailed product information and specifications, contact us.
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